Spay/Neuter Resources and Links


Please contact us at: with your telephone number and a good time to call. Advise us if you are planning multiple appointments for additional assistance. We have live traps available to borrow, with a fully refundable deposit.

Low Cost Spay & Neuter Resources

You can make your own appointments and arrangements at the clinics listed below. For assistance in other locations, contact us at: Ask about possible discounts available for multiple spay/neuters.

The cats must be truly feral, not just scared or unpetable!

Spay Arkansas:

  • (479) 756-1100, Cost: $38 (includes a $5 rabies shot) (Male or Female)
  • *No income restrictions for feral cats.

Best Friends Animal Hospital and Hotel:

  • (479) 251-8387, Cost: FREE!

Washington County Animal Shelter:

  • (479) 695-3450, Cost: *FREE (Feral cats).
  • Limited to Washington County residents who do not reside within the city limits of an incorporated city whose population is in excess of 10,000 and whose annual family incomes do not exceed the current Low Income Limits for Washington County as established by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

Humane Society of the Ozarks:  (479) 444-7387

  • Feral Cats: In conjunction with the Lester C Howick Animal Shelter of Washington County, we sponsor a joint TNR program. To be eligible for this program, you and the colony you are trapping cats in must be in either an unincorporated area of Washington County or communities that are NOT within the city limits of Fayetteville or Springdale. If you reside in and the colony is in an eligible area of the county, there is no charge for this program.
  • Owned (Pet) Cats:
    • Cost: Male Cat $35 Female Cat $50
    • Cost: Male Dog $55 Female Dog $70

*Program utilizes vouchers sent to Participating Vets Participating Vets in Washington County:

All Cats Clinic:  (479) 571-1228

Animal Medical Clinic:  (479) 521-5220

Best Friends Animal Hospital:  (479) 251-8387

Cat Clinic of NWA:  (479) 631-6661

Cornerstone Animal Hospital:  (479) 443-0738

Country Veterinary Service:  (479) 267-2685

Crossover Veterinary Clinic:  (479) 750-7474

Gentry Veterinary Clinic:  (479) 736-2354

Gulley Park Pet Clinic:  (479) 966-4929

Hancock Veterinary Services:  (479) 439-0467 (Springdale) / (479) 439-7125 (Bell Vista)

Lincoln Vet Clinic:  (479) 824-3299

Lowell Veterinary Center:  (479) 770-6300

Lunsford Veterinary Care Center:  (479) 361-9417

Lyon Veterinary Hospital:  (479) 361-4650

Oakwood Pet Hospital:  (479) 273-7100

Pea Ridge Veterinary Clinic:  (479) 451-1116

Siloam Springs Veterinary Clinic:  (479) 524-3178

Southwest Pet Hospital:  (479) 751-5601

Springdale Animal Hospital:  (479) 751-2327

St. Francis Veterinary Clinic:  (479) 751-8060

Stanton Animal Hospital:  (479) 443-4544

Village Pet Hospital:  (479) 855-3057

Weddington Animal Hospital:  (479) 442-6600

West Oaks Animal Hospital:  (479) 442-4446

Fayetteville Animal Services:  (479) 444-3456

Must be a city of Fayetteville resident.

Low cost spay/neuter services for OWNED CATS only.

Links – National Organizations:

Alley Cat Allies


Tree House Humane Society

Best Friends Animal Society


Local Low Cost Spay/Neuter Services:

Humane Society of the Ozarks

Humane Society for Animals, Inc

Spay Arkansas

Kitties and Kanines Veterinary Clinic

Fayetteville Animal Services

Lester C. Howick Animal Shelter: Washington County, Arkansas



(These are not no-kill facilities although Fayetteville, Bella Vista, Madison Co, and Prairie Grove have very low cat euthanasia rates. That said, most shelters do euthanize feral cats.)

Bella Vista Animal Shelter

Fayetteville Animal Services

Friends of Prairie Grove Pound

Madison Co Animal Shelter (Paws and Claws)

Lowell Animal Shelter

Rogers Animal Services

Springdale Animal Services

Local Rescue Groups:

Fabulous Felines NWA

Blind Hope Cat Sanctuary

Blue Moon Cat Sanctuary

Spensers Legacy Animal Rescue

Cat Haven Ranch

Stray Central